Are Stretch Mark Creams Only For Post-Pregnancy Women?

Laser Therapy For Stretch Marks - Are Stretch Mark Creams Only For Post-Pregnancy Women?

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Frequently when people hear the term 'stretch marks' they think of the lines and blotches that are left on the bellies of women who are pregnant or have given birth. The ultimate expansion that the skin of the stomach must feel to make room for the baby and extra weight gain sometimes pushes the skin beyond its normal elasticity. It may seem that only these women can benefit from one of the discrete stretch mark cream such as Trilastin. However, there are other causes of over-stretched skin and, therefore, other reasons to need these types of treatment.

What I said. It is not the final outcome that the actual about Laser Therapy For Stretch Marks. You look at this article for home elevators that wish to know is Laser Therapy For Stretch Marks.

Laser Therapy For Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are absolutely scar tissue where the skin's elastic fibers have torn. In the beginning, they are often red or purplish in color and have a different texture. In time, they will often fade to a more silver-ish, white color that becomes even more graphic when the surrounding skin darkens from the sun. While stretch marks most commonly occur on the breast and lower abdomen of pregnant women, there are other reasons the skin may caress overstretching resulting in stretch marks. These include weight gain, bodybuilding and increase spurts while teen years.

There are confident areas of the body that tend to store large amounts of fat when people gain weight due to over eating or medical conditions. These include the butt, thighs, and upper arms, and these places are the most likely to caress torn fibers resulting in stretch marks. Such people are more apt to seek and be bothered by these scars as they begin to lose the excess weight.

Some athletes (such as wrestlers, and football players) and bodybuilders will purposefully gain weight quickly. As mentioned above, this can also lead to torn fibers. Many bodybuilders enjoy showing their bulk and muscles, and unfortunately the stretch marks can be a distraction, especially when the skin is tanned.

Though not as common, teens who caress rapid increase spurts may find minor amounts of stretch marks. These sometimes show up on the back of the legs and lower back. Since appearance is often prominent at this age, it can corollary their wavering confidence.

How do these individuals know which stretch mark cream is right for them? Consumers should look at the purpose and ingredients of the discrete creams. Is the product a concealer designed only to cover up the marks or is it supposed to treat and heal the torn skin?

It is commonly believed that laser surgical operation is the only way to absolutely cure stretch marks. But some of the good home therapies claim to take off the marks constantly without the high cost and bother of surgery. Make sure the ingredients are more developed than the those that can be found in simple lotions at your local store such as cocoa butter, lanolin and vitamin E. While these ingredients are helpful you need to look for components that will mimic the skins natural properties in order to cure the deeper lines and scars. The enterprise should contribute testimonials and photos that stand behind the product claims. Finally, be sure there is a guarantee. This will give the buyer the trust to try the product without fear of losing the money invested should it not work for them. After all, a rehabilitation may work work well for many, but not all, as our bodies and lifestyles differ in many ways.

So in acknowledge to the query posed, the discrete stretch mark creams on the market may be beneficial to a large collection of individuals along with men, women and teens. The prominent thing is to try and find a rehabilitation that works at curing the torn skin and not just hiding it.

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